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Dr. William Beliveau, MD, FCCP

Board Certified Physician

Doctor BIO

Dr. Beliveau is a Board Certified Physician in Internal, Pulmonary, Forensic and Critical Care Medicine, and has successfully served as an investigator & sub-investigator for many clinical research trials over the past 16 years. Dr. Beliveau is the current owner of Atwood Medical Associates, southern New England’s largest multi-specialty physician practice. Dr. Beliveau is the Chairman of the Department of Medicine, Director of the Sleep Disorder Laboratory and the Director of Hyperbaric and Critical Care units at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Dr. Beliveau is also a Medical Director at the Atmed Treatment Center and he also serves as Medical Director for many skilled nursing home facilities in the area.

Dr. Beliveau has been trained and is current with the Good standards for Clinical Practice and FDA guidelines.